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    Arthrieze Plus

    Bio Nutrition

    The original microencapsulated and buffered aspirin for horses. Aids in the temporary relief of symptoms associated with arthritis, laminitis and chronic joint disease. Can be used concurrently with a glucosamine-containing product such as PentaFlex/PentaFlex HA. Veterinary-controlled clinical trials determined the precise aspirin dose necessary (2,500 mg) to control symptoms of arthritis. Tested in older horses and pregnant mares. Microencapsulation aids palatability; buffering makes it easier on the horse’s stomach. Can provide dramatic results, especially in horses with moderate to severe arthritic symptoms.
    For arthritis or joint pain: give 1 scoop per 1000lb body weight. For muscle pain: give 3 scoops pet 1000 lb body weight. Each 39CC scoop (included) contains 2500mg aspirin.
    Aspirin, Rice hulls, anhydrous dextrose, molasses, calcium carbonate, soy oil, natural apple flavor
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